Shiney Hiney Week on The Ellen Show

Shiney Hiney Week on The Ellen Show

Day One:

It all started when Ellen saw our commercial on national cable.  With pure amazement at finding such unique diamond of an idea, she couldn't help but to showcase us in her show opening with special guest Kristen Bell. 


Day Two:

Kristen Bell was so inspired by our revolutionary product she decided to give us her own spin on our commercial.

Day Three:

With such a huge response from the world, Ellen couldn't help herself but to bring "Shiney Hiney Week" to the world with special guest Kate Hudson!


Day Four:

Ellen had to meet the woman who stood up to the world and let everyone know just how Shiney her Hiney is!

Day Five:

Ellen decided to bring Matt Lauer into the mix by having hollywood medium Tyler Henry channel Matt's intimate area brush and letting him know where it has been.


Day Six:

The wonderful Tig shared her thoughts on the Shiney Hiney, a new product, and how she'd like to be involved!


Day Seven:

Shiney Hiney Week and Cat Week have overlapped, which can only mean one thing: Introducing the Shiney Hiney for Cats!