Personal Cleansing Kit FAQ's

What is the My Shiney Hiney?

With four (4) bristle thicknesses and seven (7) great colors to choose from, the original My Shiney Hiney Personal Cleansing Brush Set is the perfect tool for your personal hygiene needs. With your choice of bristle thickness attached to an ergonomically designed curved applicator brush, My Shiney Hiney® allows for easy accessibility to you’re your most hard to reach personal places.

What is included in the My Shiney Hiney Complete Kit?

The My Shiney Hiney brush set comes with applicator brush, three replaceable bristle brush heads, a suction cup shower holder and the finger brush for an even more intimate cleanse.

Does My Shiney Hiney really work?

Yes! Its plain to see how My Shiney Hiney brush set works, but the proof is in the refreshing cleanse after using it! Don’t believe us? Check out what other have to say about their experience with My Shiney Hiney on our Facebook or Twitter.

How long do the brushes last?

The longevity of the My Shiney Hiney Brush Heads depends on frequency of use and/or rigorousness of washing. Compare brush head replacements to that of use of a toothbrush. Replace as you see fit but typically once the bristle begin to misshape or thin.

How should I store the My Shiney Hiney Brush?

Storing the My Shiney Hiney Brush is important and easy thanks to the suction cup shower holder. By placing your My Shiney Hiney Brush in the shower holder, your letting gravity do its job. Storing your My Shiney Hiney Brush upright, will allow the water drain away from the head of the brush.

You want the brush to air dry thoroughly. Make sure the My Shiney Hiney Brush has access to good air circulation, and doesn’t suffocate in small drawers or cabinets when not in use.

Does the My Shiney Hiney work for women or men?

The My Shiney Hiney is designed for use of both men and women alike. With two different types of brushes available, choosing between soft or medium bristles is a personal preference.