Press Release - Actress Finds Success On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” After My Shiney Hiney Sensation

Press Release - Actress Finds Success On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” After My Shiney Hiney Sensation

NETCONG, NJ – September 26th, 2016 — My Shiney Hiney® LLC., the renowned brand for personal cleanliness products, is delighted that actress, Sara Pribis, was recently invited to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to discuss her role in the company’s infomercial.

Pribis was featured in the nationally released infomercial for My Shiney Hiney. While My Shiney Hiney has been on the marketing since late 2014, the brand recently found extraordinary attention after Ellen DeGeneres, of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, saw the infomercial and highlighted the product during her daily talk show.

After getting stellar fan response, the My Shiney Hiney Week was announced and the product was featured for a full week on the show. During the event, Pribis, was invited to join DeGeneres to discuss her experience in getting cast for the commercial, the filming experience and now the reaction from her family and friends.

Earlier in Pribis’s career, the actress was cast in the Broadway production of “Les Miserable” as a junior in high school. Pribis was later accepted to New York University's, Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute and on-camera performance at Stonestreet Studios.

During the interview, DeGeneres invited Pribis to host the following week’s yearly segment, Cat Week.

“At the end of my interview with Ellen, I was totally surprised and ecstatic by her invitation to help host Cat Week,” said Pribis. “Everyone has been super excited for me and extremely supportive. I'm happy that Ellen brought awareness to this infomercial and it has been a great experience. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

“There was never any doubt that the My Shiney Hiney would become a household name. I am thrilled for Sara that her dedication to acting and her enthusiasm to participate in our product has become a stepping stone in what will no question be a long and successful acting career,” said owner and CEO, Ernie Peia. “We hope that as the My Shiney Hiney brand continues to grow, Sara will be part of our future and we are very proud of her for being the face of our brand.”

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