Why We Put Mineral Oil in Our Lightening Cream!

Why We Put Mineral Oil in Our Lightening Cream!

For many years, there have been rumors going around about mineral oil and how it can have bad effects on your skin. For instance, it's been thought to dry out your skin or even cause premature aging. Many of these myths, however, are not true. It does not dry out your skin or cause premature aging. It does not cause acne or rob your skin of vitamins. It is does not block collagen absorption. And it is quite safe to use.

Mineral oil is a clear, odorless oil made from petroleum and it is commonly used in many skin care products, such as creams, lotions, and moisturizers.  Despite the many rumors about it, mineral oil can actually offer many benefits to your skin.

It is typically used as a moisturizer because it can help prevent water loss from your skin by sitting on top of your skin and forming a barrier that prevents anything from entering or leaving your skin. It's not 100% effective, though, but it does work rather well. This trait can also help it to nourish dry skin.

Mineral oil is also good for cleaning ears and for fighting eczema when corticosteroids are not readily available. It is also quite emollient and can make your skin feel soft. It is non-comedogenic and thus will not clog pores. It is also moderately substantive and will stay on your skin despite friction, sweat, and other watery substances. Mineral oil is also a very good substitute for Vaseline/aquaphor, if you don't like their thick, waxy texture. It can also be one of the most effective tools to remove makeup.

The mineral oil used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in their products is highly refined and purified to meet the standards of the FDA other international regulatory agencies, and so it is quite safe to use.

There are rarely any allergic reactions associated with mineral oils. The only one that could really potentially cause allergies is baby oil because it typically has a fragrance with it. If you are worried about allergies, it is recommended to avoid baby oil, especially if it has a fragrance.

Some studies also suggest that mineral oil can also help wounds to heal. Remember your mother putting Vaseline on wounds and wrapping it in a bandage when you were a kid? Well, mineral oil can work the same way, since Vaseline (petrolatum) is a semi-solid form of mineral oil.

So there really is no need to worry about using mineral oil on your skin. It is quite safe to use and is great for your skin, especially if it's dry or sensitive. Mineral oil is terrific for moisturizing your skin and keeping it feeling silky soft (although, if you normally have oily skin, you might not like the way a product with a lot of mineral oil in it will look or feel on your skin because of the way the oil remains on the surface of your skin).

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